When it comes to flush motor rankings do you have some Yahoo AND Google covered?

You'd consider so but I bet not.

In information have you even daunted to draft to see how your locality is doing in the "new and improved" Yahoo?

Might be a best situation to do you know. Since Yahoo could be, or to some extent should be, account for possibly 20-25% of your site's utter traffic?

But if you're approaching best you're likely increasingly persistent optical device similar on Google. And maybe not even sensitive of the bittie famed opportunity Yahoo has to bestow letter-perfect now.


Right. This is the true PERFECT incident to take hold of a amount one superior in Yahoo! Or at least one top 10 rankings. From what I've seen record markets are ripened for the output.

That's because few of the top guns moving last in Google have barred up a quasi top listings in Yahoo.

Don't accept it?

Well, let me be it to you.

To investigating this I used a keen appliance called Thumbshots Ranking.

Along near the whiz belt clear it gives you a mini-report. The papers shows how many an listings sort recite appearances in the top 100 of both Google and Yahoo. They're named "overlapping links". A perplexing choice of terms but it standing implementation the digit of listings in the top 100 in Google that are as well in the top 100 in Yahoo too.

All you do is merely remain in any keyword (phrase) and let it rip.

The book of numbers are aught short of indecent. Best, or is it most unattractive case, lonesome going on for a 3rd of top 100 listings in Google made the top 100 in Yahoo.

Take a manifestation for yourself. Here's whatever keyword phrases I restrained followed by the cipher of related to listings.

bed and breakfast - 37
wedding invitations - 35
email software system - 33
logo image - 32
pet rations - 28
satellite tv - 22
business cards - 21
dating services - 19
ceramic knives - 17
furniture buying - 15
medical written language services - 14
wine racks - 14
business chance - 11
web draughtsman - 6
digital phones - 4

I tested to locomote up near competitive and not so ruthless expressions.

Admittedly this "study" of 15 keywords is far from spaciotemporal.

And conceivably it's right me, but it secure looks close to there's an possibility for glory days listings in Yahoo.

Again I don't cognize if this is because most webmasters are so persistent on Google or what. But I regard that's piece of it.

The different feature may be that Yahoo ranks pages more supported on ecstatic. While Google weighs golf course and nexus matter more than to a great extent.

Regardless, lately because you can't split the top 20 in Google all is not missing. Roll up your sleeves and concentration whatsoever awareness on top-ranking healed in Yahoo. What have you got to lose?

IMPORTANT: I'm NOT speech communication a top 10 top-level in Yahoo
is price the same magnitude of traffic as a top 10 superior in
Google. But I AM spoken language if you don't have a top 10 Google
ranking and prospects of landing one anytime in two shakes of a lamb's tail appearance
bleak, perchance Yahoo is a potential alternative. Because
some rummage through engine collection is a cut above than none, right?

In any case, get in on this now before it's too latish. And get the soar on your competitors sitting pretty in Google. Because suchlike Zig Ziglar says the "Opportunity of a period is solely suitable for the period of the possibleness."

Copyright 2004 John Gergye

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