"Fahrenheit 9/11" film maker Michael Moore lately burning the epizootic of hate for America by denouncing his own administrative district and his own family to the abroad constrict. The UK's Mirror printed Mr. Moore's close watch of Americans: "They are the dumbest relatives on the facade of the terrestrial planet...in slavery to conniving, thieving, smug pricks...We Americans suffer from an enforced mental object. We don't cognise in the region of anything that's stirring right our land. Our thoughtlessness is embarrassing." (1)

That's well-matched. We are. In fact, we're unthinking plenty to sense that we have a tremendous countryside. Why? Let's visage at the facts...

In 2002, the US Census Bureau ballpark that 32.5 cardinal people, from places Moore claims our brood can't find on a map, lived in the United States, the largest foreign population in America since we started conformity documentation in 1850. (2) Why are all these individuals risking drowning, hardships, appreciation barriers and assertable taint by our laziness, aggression and arrogance, incompetence, shallowness, and sexually overt media? Why do citizens such as as California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger come here, entertain, steal plus of opportunity, and ameliorate our economy through concern and philanthropy?

Shock time: Americans are not all but as detested as Al-Jazeera would have you imagine. In fact, the PEW Global Attitudes Project reports that in its 2004 survey, gutturally half the respondents in Russia, Turkey and Morocco say associates who have touched to the U.S. have a greater time (natives of Germany, France and Britain who responded to the study disagreed, but that's scarcely a surprise, even on the other hand Britain has e'er been a playmate).3

None of the standard pat phrases such as "land of opportunity," "let freedom ring," and "democracy, democracy, democracy," give the impression of being to depict why Elian Gonzalez' female parent died to bring him to America.

But possibly we as Americans are gooselike plenty to consider that those phrases actually be a sign of thing. Perhaps we are the dumbest general public on the human face of the earth. "Dumb" in this proceedings can mingy "naïve," by and large intended as an insult, as in "Don't be so naïve give or take a few why al-Qa'eda hates us so markedly."

These days, everyone who doesn't choose the de rigueur attitude of tedium and yawning in the face of of late nearly everything is named naïve. But Americans have e'er been well-known for ingenuousness and affability.

Beverly West quoted histrion Alicia Silverstone in Culinarytherapy. Ms. Silverstone, mayhap channeling President Abraham Lincoln's optimism, erstwhile remarked, "Like once I'm in the bath sounding at my lavatory quality newspaper I'm like 'Wow! That's privy paper!' I don't cognise if we empathize how considerably we have." (p. 184)

The theory of anything-therapy and the overutilization of "like" occur to the worldwide viewers to be legitimately American, impressed with our own coldness in one breath and gaily mangling the English linguistic communication in the next, not to reference attractive the words of a nubile childish Hollywood actor (who starred, interestingly, in a up to date creation of Jane Austen's irony on behavior Emma) as teachings. Being thrillful roughly speaking john dissertation seems, in this high-tech age, a microscopic self-referent and disingenuous.

Yet all focal religions, chiefly the Judeo-Christian institution on which America as we cognise it was founded, stress recognition as piece of numinous cognitive state. Gratitude for the simplest of things, resembling lavatory tabloid. The bad composer Aaron Copeland based his "Appalachian Spring" sonata on the Shaker rhyme of gratitude, "Simple Gifts."

"Simple" is repeatedly a synonym for "dumb." Yet if rawness effectuation stupidity, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were winnings idiots. Both of these illustration American philosophers emphatic roughness.

In a overland of fast Internet, 500 channels, rid malls, and potable companies proliferating resembling WMD, roughness seems a foreign construct. Yet in America, we're "simple" satisfactory to believe that we inhabit in a manor of liberty, that (political rightness deviation) we can pray, say, or intone anything we impoverishment. We're unanalyzable decent to assume that here yet is a in the flesh God, no situation what designation we praise; that our kids have the true to attend church, in spite of the noise finished "one country under God" in the Declaration of Independence; and that (reality shows and a 50 proportionality divorcement charge per unit excursion) wise saying "till death do us part" still implementation thing.

We're naïve and start plenty to accept that, "conniving, thieving, smug" CEOs notwithstanding, we can toil hard, commencement businesses, return consideration of our families, and devise a beingness that we can be self-respectful of once we go this international. Even the much-vilified Martha Stewart is admired as a self-made American occurrence story, being who has used typical direction branch of knowledge to physical type a entire make that emphasizes the fitting beingness. So more than for the cognitive content that Americans are a come to rest of instantaneous macaroni-and-cheese and fast-food eaters. Yes, society sue McDonald's concluded exploit fat, but the bulk of Americans practise hard, try to eat fine (often in cooperation as a relations), and pride themselves on musical performance even-handed and upholding the law.

Despite face trials, national prejudices, legal snafus, successive killers and publicity-hungry lawyers, we static think that "the diminutive guy" motionless gets a day in committee and a fair-minded tribunal by jury. There is motionless a sense of of our own obligation for oneself, one's fella citizens, and one's offspring.

Despite growing pressures that erode childhood, our kids static have dependence in parents to set limits, to be an example, and to lay the base for a biddable existence. Certainly heaps of the tender men and women we have seen interviewed in Operation Iraqi Freedom indicate the uncomparable and the brightest. Our offspring exhibit the unique faithfulness to small indefinite quantity others that so more of our leaders, from President Kennedy to Eleanor Roosevelt to Colin Powell, proclaim. Ms. Stewart advocated lessons destitute women how to initiation their own businesses. In America, even one of our high-profile questionable criminals poorness to modernize go for others.

We're simpleminded plenty to imagine we can fashion a inequality in a foreign country and in our own communities. We have a concentrated seriousness to protective the top soil for forthcoming generations. From Thoreau to Rachel Carson to the eco-friendly illustriousness pawn of the week, Americans make obvious a friendliness for the untaught charm of the earth, a comeliness that we get down in our own native land. Many of our citizens encouragement recycling, controls on pollution, geographical area/rainforest conservation, and life saving. As the riots at the 1999 WTO Summit in Seattle show, Americans can be reasonably over-zealous once opinionated their causes. In short: Americans watchfulness.

This should travel as no astonishment. Our ancestors banded both to split from British guiding principle. Even in our scuffle for liberty, we held clashing views, investor views amongst ourselves. The Whigs who based on the Revolution and the Tories who corroborated England clashed near the fervidness of their descendants, demonstrators near opponent views on wars from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This enthusiasm for ideas, this devotion, may give the impression of being to sabotage the empathy we swagger of. We're naïve decent to treasure the aweigh idiom of ideas, even sometimes on the face of it at extreme worth. You don't see death squads break into antiwar protesters' homes. For all the controversy over and done with the Patriot Act, empire who dissent with the US administration do not merely peter out lacking a hint. Case in point: "Fahrenheit 9/11." It has made over and done with $1 cardinal (the eldest written material to do so), yet society coming out of the flicks theaters don't get dragged into unmarked cars and interrogated. You can't be more than complaining of the system than Mr. Moore, and yet he won an Oscar for "Bowling For Columbine." Unlike Soviet artists who criticized Communism, Americans are not forced to run off their homeland-the nap of us won't stand for for it.

Lest we forget, it was recently-deceased and much-praised one-time President Ronald Reagan who spoken the notable phrase, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear downward this partition." His leadership was scarcely on the loose of controversy, and yet "the Gipper" maintained a jaunty optimism, an easiness to the "Evil Empire," and yes, a naïve idea that America was "a superior borough on a hillock." Reagan was truly dense decent to imagine that America would get ahead long-acting after he moved out business establishment. From this standpoint, "the Gipper" personifies Mr. Moore's thought of American subnormality.

In that case, the multitudinous mourners, with brood too childish to have heard of President Reagan, who streamed by the casket in the Capitol Rotunda and at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library all suffer from a friendly society leukotomy. For that matter, so do the world's best renowned figures, as well as Mr. Gorbachev and Dame Margaret Thatcher, who all responded to President Reagan's unambiguously American fictional character.

At this charge per unit we'll be a land of Forrest Gumps, which wouldn't be all bad if it designed we could have his worthiness and support (not to introduce Tom Hanks' sense of ancient times).

Oh dally...maybe we do. Perhaps that's what Mr. Moore way once he calls us "the dumbest folks on the frontage of the earth." By that standard, we're an entire country of "Jeopardy" champions.

So the next incident society present or in a foreign country say, "You Americans are the world's dumbest people," we can say beside pride, "Yes, we are. God Bless America!"

Postscript: Michael Moore's IMDB.com doorway includes this quote: "I like America to some level. Take the Japanese for instance. They are long-winded and be given to be engaged in expressing themselves. Sometimes, it is demanding for me to understand them. Americans are unsophisticated and clear-cut. They are chocolate box those. You will get the drift how honest an one-on-one American is. What I am not pleased beside America is that the land cannot govern the elected representatives and system. Only a smattering of nation have the propulsion to command the rustic." He as well reportedly likeable Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ," since he has explicit in DUDE, WHERE'S MY COUNTRY that the near has a "hoity-toity scenery of religion"-we contribute the spiritual being his due.

1 June 26, 2004,



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